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National beauty contest “Miss Azerbaijan” is held in the country since 1996. Participation in a beauty contest “Miss Azerbaijan” is a great school and a brilliant chance for any beautiful girl. Based on this experience, many of winners and finalists of “Miss Azerbaijan” participated in international competitions and performed at various prestigious catwalks, became television announcers and advertising “persons” of many known firms and companies, opened a modeling and photo-agencies, established women’s magazines, websites etc. That is the reason why such project as the National Beauty Contest “Miss Azerbaijan” is highly demanded in our country, it teaches society to value not only talent, but also a woman’s beauty.

Each year, before the beginning of the next contest, there established an Organizing Committee which involves representatives of the community and well-known media persons who voluntarily provide organizational support for the contest. The organizing committee is also working with various Mass Media, photographers and photo studios, videographers, designers, freelancers, and the sponsors who provide their services to competition on mutually beneficial terms. 16 ladies are selected after casting and the qualifying round for the final selection. During the final round we invite an independent jury consisting of representatives of culture and arts, show business and media, and sponsors who evaluate the finalists’ performance by 10-point system. According to the point calculation results the main and sponsor nominations are distributed.

That is the outline of the contest in general.

We are open to new ideas and suggestions, as well as the introduction of innovations into the contest on the basis of business cooperation!

Anelya Orduhanova
The founder and organizer of the national beauty contest “Miss Azerbaijan”,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee.


All the contests “Miss Azerbaijan” had been held by the license issued by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan till 2006. After 2006, under the new rules, the Ministry canceled the issuance of licenses for cultural events, including the contests.

Nowadays, the legal bases for the national beauty contest “Miss Azerbaijan” are:

  • Registration Certificate of the Azerbaijan State Copyright Committee №7192 dated 29.05.2012, issued to Anelya Ordukhanova.
  • Registration Certificate of the Azerbaijan State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents №20130462 dated 23.04.2013, issued to Anelya Ordukhanova.
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